Montréal: Montréal International Airport Study (1968)


An extremely rare report about the future of aviation in Montreal, published in 1968.

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This extremely rare, 218-page study from 1968 explores how the city of Montréal can best accommodate the expected growth in air traffic. It includes the option to radically expand the existing Dorval (now Trudeau) Airport. Interestingly, the report clearly concludes that a new airport should be located at Vaudreuil-Dorion, located south west of Montreal, the main advantage being the excellent existing road and rail connections to Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. However, due to political reasons, Mirabel was chosen instead. The report was not necessarily against this location. It does mention though that major investments in road and rail improvements would need to be made in order to ensure accessibility. One of the main factors that hampered the development of Mirabel were a lack of surface transport connections.

The report contains over 45 maps and charts (see product images), including airport layouts. This report is a must-have for people interested in the historic development of the Montreal airports.

This document was scanned by a third party. It is not at the same level of quality as the other documents found on this site, as it was scanned at low resolution. Everything is readable though. The maps and charts have also been restored to the maximum extend (see product images).



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