New York Kennedy Airport: Artist’s impression of future “Terminal City” (ca. 1956)


An artist’s impression of the future “Terminal City” at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport.

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Terminal City was the name given to the complex of terminals, where each major airline would design, build and operate its own terminal. ​​​Initially, six individual terminals would be built for the exclusive use of TWA, United Airlines, Eastern Airlines, American Airlines and Pan Am. Northwest, Braniff and Northeast would share a terminal. All arrivals requiring federal clearance, would be handled in the newly built International Arrival Building (IAB). ​International flag carriers would be housed in ‘Wing Buildings’ adjoining the IAB, within which the airlines could design their own departure station. For the time being, the remaining carriers would continue to operate from the existing temporary terminal, until negotiations were complete to replace the building by more modern facilities. Read more about the genesis of Terminal City here.

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