New York Kennedy Airport: First Master Plan (1943)


The very first Master Plan for the future New York International Airport, prepared in 1943.


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In 1943, the first proposal for Idlewild’s layout was put forward. The plan included four pairs of runways, in four different directions, ensuring that aircraft could always take off and land into the wind. Two of the runways had a length of 10,000 feet (3,048 meters). This was much longer than was required for aircraft of the time and was done to accommodate future aircraft, which were getting heavier with each generation. ​

​Prepared by Delano & Aldrich, the architects of the terminals at LaGuardia, the design included a terminal complex resembling that of LaGuardia, a large maintenance area and a marine air terminal. The airport was expected to be ready for partial use by the end of 1944. At the time it was thought that the total cost of the airport would be USD 200 million compared to USD 42 million that was used for LaGuardia Airport.

Read more about New York Kennedy Airport’s early design history here.

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